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A-Tech Appliance Parts & Service In Northwest Arkansas and the River Valley

Service available on all major brands and a wide variety of appliance types.

As an appliance repair shop, A-Tech Appliance Parts & Service's priority is to provide outstanding service for any type of appliance. We want to address your concerns as quickly as possible. We want to repair your appliances promptly and at a fair price. Our kind, understanding customer service representatives and our professional, factory-certified technicians work hard to provide you with the best service there is. Did you know that providing quality appliance repair service in...

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Appliance repair

While we do all kinds of appliance repair on just about any appliance type, we do perform a lot of service calls and repair jobs on some appliance types over others.

Awards and associations

When you're constantly trying to provide top-quality service, it's wonderful to be recognized locally and nationally.

Appliance Parts Department

Need an appliance part? We will gladly help the "Do It Yourselfer" get the right part for their repair.


Our work is covered by one of the best and longest guarantees in the industry. You can rest assured that you will receive the best quality workmanship with only genuine factory authorized parts.

Service Area

We provide prompt and professional appliance repair service in Northwest Arkansas and the River Valley. You're in good hands with our professional appliance technicians.


Our team is fully certified in order to deliver top quality appliance repair service as the industry and your needs evolve.

Appliance Maintenance Tips

  • Sometimes simply having your appliance repaired is not enough. Sometimes you need to understand the issues so you can take care of it afterwards. Day-to-day care actually greatly helps in preventing future issues.


  • Condenser coils need to be cleaned regularly to maintain optimal functioning of components like the compressor. On older models, the coils were usually located in the back of the fridge. In newer models, the condenser coils can normally be found at the base of the fridge.


  • Dishwashers usually need more maintenance than other appliances. Some of the following tips can help you save money in the long run.


  • Freezers have multiple functions, so it's important to make sure they're always performing at their best. You can help them doing so by following the easy tips provided below. Ensuring your freezer is working optimally can help in increasing its useful life.


  • When a major appliance breaks down, you need to decide if you want it repaired or if you're going to purchase a new model. The decision to repair or replace your appliance depends on many factors.

    Fix Or Nix

  • Appliances are designed to make our lives simpler by cooking and preserving our food, cleaning our clothes a lot more quickly and efficiently that we could manage on our own. When one of our appliance goes out, it startles us. It can be stressful.

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Pros And Cons Of Energy Star Appliances

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Cleaning a Microwave

You already know that home appliances are to be treated with care. This is true even for microwaves, which are considered smaller appliances. Over time, microwaves do become very dirty and need to be cleaned, as food spills or splashes on the walls. If messes are not cleaned quickly, they...... read more

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The members of our team are chosen for their experience, training, kindness and efficiency.

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